Accessibility Statement

At Longboards, we value all our customers and seek to promote accessibility and inclusion. As a complement to our in-store services, we also strive to enable our customers to gather information and conduct business through this Website,

Toward those ends, Longboards actively devotes internal and vendor time and resources to improve the quality and promote the accessibility of our Website's user experience for everyone. In particular, we test our Website and make improvements, including as measured against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA standards, by working to apply a consistent structure with headings, lists, and other formatting features to ease navigation and, among other things, considering the issue of contrast in colors and site design to promote accessibility.

Although Longboards is proud of the accessibility we've achieved thus far, as the law, standards, and technologies continue to change (just as Longboards' digital assets constantly evolve), please understand that our efforts to improve and facilitate online accessibility are ongoing. Accordingly, we encourage you to report any difficulty you may have accessing any feature or functionality on this Website by emailing us at [email protected]. In addition to making all reasonable efforts to make the Website's information and functionalities accessible to you, we will work to determine if alternative communication methods or accessible functionalities are available.

We look forward to serving you. Hang Loose, Eat Longboards!